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Laundry Time (viewer discretion advised)

Today I’m going to share a little insight into my life on the road, so you at home can really live this adventure with me. As I am sure you can imagine, all this riding in the hot weather can … Continue reading

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Green River, UT – Salt Lake City, UT

When I was young I used to read the Lone Ranger comic books.  I don’t remember them very well, but I I do remember the scenery; towering walls of rock looming over the characters.  Today I went to Canyonlands National … Continue reading

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Green River, UT – Arches National Park, UT

I haven’t mentioned it by name yet, but the Tamarick Restaurant sure is the place to eat in Green River. It’s there or Ray’s (who only serves burgers).  Last night I walked there for dinner so that I could have … Continue reading

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Otter Creek, UT – Green River, UT

I wasn’t lucky enough to escape the storm.  It raged through the night. The wind pulled out my tent pegs.  The lightning lit up everything.  The thunder was thunderous.  Needless to say, I didn’t sleep much. When I woke in … Continue reading

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Panguitch, UT – Otter Creek State Park, UT

My destination this morning was Bryce Canyon, another NP on my list to visit.  It was a short journey from Panguitch.  To get there you have to pass though Red Canyon, which has amazing deep orange rock formations on either … Continue reading

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St George, UT – Panguitch, UT

Leaving the city of St George I headed for Zion National Park.  When I got there I did a quick change in the car park, out of my motorcross boots and riding gear and into some walking clothes, and I’m … Continue reading

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Rachel, NV – St George, UT

The next morning I had a decision to make.  Should I go back and look for my lost camera?  To do this would be hard because it was 120 miles from the gas station in Ash Springs to the spot … Continue reading

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San Francisco, CA – Rachel, NV

This was it!  The bike was all packed.  I was ready for the off.  Sam took a couple of photos of me riding down the street, which I though woud be a fitting first photo for my trip and then … Continue reading

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Buying the Duke

Recently I started commuting in the city (of San Francisco).  I’d previously owned a 2010 Kawasaki Z1000.  The Z was an amazing bike for ploughing through traffic on my 40 mile commute down the peninsula, but at 481 lbs it … Continue reading

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