Laundry Time (viewer discretion advised)

Today I’m going to share a little insight into my life on the road, so you at home can really live this adventure with me.

bathtubAs I am sure you can imagine, all this riding in the hot weather can make one’s clothes a bit whiffy.  And then, of course, there’s the Schweddy balls.  Trying to be minimalist in my packing I didn’t bring a wardrobe of clothes to change into.  Instead I brought a couple of pairs of everything and decided that I would wash them by hand along the way.  For example, I have a couple of pairs of ExOfficio briefs that can be washed by hand and dry in a couple of hours. 

While in Hailey, ID, I had gone through all my clean clothes again, and so it was time to do the wash.  Fortunately the hotel room had a bath tub, so I filled it up and went to town, scrubbing my dirty clothes with the shower gel that they had thoughtfully provided for just this purpose.

tactical clothes lineOnce soaped and rinsed I gave them a good wringing to dry them off the best I could.  The next step was to construct a clothes line.  I took my handy length of para cord (see, those tactical bracelets are good for something – you know who you are) and made an impromptu tactical clothes line next to the air conditioner.  After hanging everything up I turned on the AC to suck the moisture out of the room and Bob’s your uncle.  By the time I woke up in the morning everything was clean and dry.

The problem with washing your socks using the hotel soap is that when they dry they’re stiffer than a Catholic priest at choir practice, so they take a good bashing before they are flaccid enough to penetrate.  Other than that it all turns out very well, and now my clothes smell of Irish Mist or whatever the exotic flavour of soap is that I used.

And that, my friends, is laundry time…

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2 Responses to Laundry Time (viewer discretion advised)

  1. Joe Davis says:

    That reminds me of my grandma’s bathroom. More bras in hers though.

  2. Noah says:

    Sounds about right!

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